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What is Times Kanye?

Ever since the good Kanye West hit the popular culture scene some years ago, he’s been known for his impulsive antics. From stating that he was the best rapper of all time to losing it when he got Punk’d, Kanye was an unpredictable phenomenon, who also happened to kill it in the studio, and fans loved him for it. As the years have gone by, the music quality has decreased (but it's not terrible if you ask me) and the statements have ranged from wild, to surprising, to illogical and morally-corrupt. 


In the arguable age of cancel culture, Kanye, like so many men, has remained relatively untouched. We’ll tweet off a storm, but he just became a billionaire and I still hit Watch the Throne at the gym. He's a bit of an enigma, whose body of work at times insulates him. Nothing has described the maddening nature of Kanye’s persona better than Ta-Nehisi Coates' I'm Not Black, I'm Kanye. The reality is he’s a major force in our nation’s society. Very few music artists have had considerable run-ins with the nation’s past three leaders like he has. The college dropout is also vocal about everything and anything, embolden by an ego that if it grew a smidge larger, he would implode, creating an energy burst in Calabasas that could disrupt the time-space continuum globally. A lot of times, despite his self-proclaimed genius, he gets many things wrong. We'll take a look at some of the most memorable Kanye quotes and use them as a lens to discuss culture, history, politics, race and modern society. There are Times Kanye was right and Times Kanye was oh so wrong, and we can use all of those instances as an opportunity to learn and advance those discourses. So, let’s talk his shit agin. 

About Me

Hi, I'm Lexi! I'm a writer, student, and comedian based in New York City. Musically I'm a Kanye fan, but not I'm not a Kanye apologist. I am fascinated by Kanye's participation in society and our country's ongoing preoccupation with him as a cultural icon, whether positive or negative. With that in mind, I'm generally interested in how mass media and popular culture serve as both a frame and a reflection of our society and the way that we understand history, race, politics, and social equality. 


             Catch me whining and joking @comp_lexi

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